VP Pence Returns to Michigan Touting Manufacturing Comeback

It’s the final stretch and neither campaign is slowing down. For the second time in eight days, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Michigan to rally supporters.

Thursday the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, campaigned in the Upper Peninsula while Vice President Pence flew into Waterford in Oakland County speaking to a group of about 500 people.

“Michigan is back. America is coming back,” Pence said. “The Motor City is back!”Pence Pic

On the day the Trump campaign dropped its jobs plan for the state of Michigan, Vice President Pence flew in to the Mitten State. The main topic? Manufacturing.

“They referred to our part of the country as the ‘Rust Belt’ and there was a lot of rust on that belt when they were in charge,” Pence said.

More so than we have seen in recent campaign stops, Pence seemed to be more aggressive towards the challengers and their record in office.

“Democrats for years used to talk about how bad NAFTA was,” Pence said. “But Joe Biden never lifted a finger to renegotiate it or reform it.”

The Biden campaign responded with a focus on the more than 200,000 Americans dead due to COVID-19.

Pence kept the focus on the economy, the support of law and order, the Supreme Court, both the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and the idea Biden may pack the court if elected.

“I mean, come on, man!” Pence said. “The American people deserve a straight answer, Joe.”

While there are no more official campaign stops announced, there is an expectation that President Donald Trump will be back in Oakland County in the next 12 days.

The full jobs plan for Michigan can be found HERE.

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