Fiery Skies in Northern Michigan

Wildfires are still raging in the Western United States, causing an orange hue to the sky in parts of Northern Michigan. Casey Shultz sent in photos of a spooky orange look to the sky in Kincheloe, MI.

Orange Up 3 Orange Up 4

So why the orange sky? Several wildfires have been burning in Northern Colorado for nearly a week. Winds blowing over 100 mph at 12,000 feet above our heads has funneled the smoke into northern Michigan, particularly into portions of the U.P. Take a look at this satellite loop from the GOES East Satellite from the College of DuPage. You will notice the patches of brown mixing in with the white clouds, that is the smoke.

Codnexlab Goes East Subregional Mi Truecolor 18 01z 20201022 Map 25 1n 1 200

The sky turns orange because the smoke reflects the rest of the visible light from the sun (blues, greens) but leaves the red, oranges, and yellows. Send your photos in to the Doppler 9&10 Weather team and our newsroom! 

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