Charlevoix Country Transit Offers Free Rides to Polls, Return Absentee Ballots

Charlevoix County Transit is offering free rides to the polls.

They’ve been doing it for every election since 2011. But this year they are also offering free rides to return absentee ballots from now until Election Day.

10 22 20 Charlevoix Free Rides To Polls Sot VoThey say it is important everyone be able to vote.

“Over the years it’s become an important part of what we do and this year it’s even more important because we have additional barriers because of the pandemic,” said Charlevoix County Transit director Jill Drury. “Just taking away that additional stress of the barrier of transportation is important to us.”

They suggest you set your ride up soon so the can make sure to accommodate everyone. They are wearing masks onboard and practicing social distancing.

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