Senate Expected to Vote on Scaled Down Stimulus Bill

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With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 48-hour tentative deadline expired, there is still no official deal on a second stimulus package.

Now talks are set to resume Wednesday and a vote is expected later Wednesday night.

Democrats are still pushing for a deal worth $2 trillion, but the cost is still too much for many Republicans.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Senate Republicans he advised the White House not to agree to a large coronavirus stimulus bill ahead of the election.

McConnell says Democrats are simply asking for too much.

“All or nothing. That’s been their position. Either Democrats get every unrelated policy they want, or American families got nothing. So for months they blocked bi-partisan aid at every single turn,” McConnell says.

But even as the two sides can’t agree on a price tag for the new package, Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the two sides are getting closer on several major differences, like how they should spend money on testing and contact tracing.

That’s an issue that has separated them for months.

“I’m optimistic because we have shared values, not many but shared values when it comes to crushing the virus,” Pelosi says.

Wednesday, the Senate is expected to vote on a scaled-down relief package of $500 billion. The president said Tuesday he would like to see that number increased.

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