Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Mail-in Ballots Count up to 3 Days After Election Day

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Early voting across the U.S. continues to break records. More than 35 million people have already voted.

But major pending legal battles are far from over in several states.

In North Carolina, the State Board of Elections is now extending the deadline to accept mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day through Nov. 12. That’s more than a week after the election.

And in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday the state can count mail-in ballots if they are sent by Election Day and received within three days, even if they do not have a legible postmark.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says, “You won’t have the precise number, certainly, for a few days, but think you’re going to have a real good sense of where things are going.”

The president has criticized both moves and says votes should not be able to be counted if they did not arrive by Election Day.

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