Northwestern Michigan College Sees Campaign Donations Grow During Pandemic

Since 2016, Northwestern Michigan College has been working toward its “Be What’s Possible” campaign, a goal of $35 million for the school.

“Be What’s Possible’ campaign is the largest campaign NMC has ever undertaken,” said campaign co-chair Bruce Byl. “It’s a comprehensive campaign which means we’re covering all the basis: scholarships, facilities, programs.”

NMC has received donations from all across the US.

“Those donations range from $5 up to $2 million, so the giving is very widespread,” said Byl. “A tremendous amount of people have joined the campaign just because the see the positive aspects of it particularly for the kids in the pandemic.”

10 21 20 Nmc Donations the height of the pandemic, the campaign leaders were surprised at the number of donations given.

“Last April we had the largest amount of donors in the history of the college in one month,” Byl said. “I was very surprised, I’ve been surprised through this whole campaign.”

Over 700 people donated within the month of April. NMC President Nick Nissley said he was also surprised and honored by the amount of donations.

“We were experiencing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the worst public health crisis since 1918, and what the Traverse City and Northwestern Michigan community do? They came out more than they ever had during that worst of times,” Nissley said.

The fund has already helped students who struggled during the height of COVID-19 through programs like NMC’s food pantry .

“It did a whole lot of good for a lot of students here and it kept them in school which is most important to us,” Byl said.

It shows that not even a global pandemic can mask generosity.

“People care deeply, not only about the college, but rather, about our community,” Nissley said.

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