Health in Focus: COVID-19’s Possible Connection with Strokes

There may be a connection between strokes and COVID-19 in younger patients. We chat with Dr. Jay Jaganathan, from the Jaganathan Neurosurgery Institute, about why this is happening, and Pexels Pixabay 415779how to look out for the symptoms of a stroke.

“A stroke, in general, is an abnormality. Usually, the blood vessels go into the brain, which causes a decrease or stop in blood flow, and oftentimes causes injury to the brain as a result of that,” explains Dr. Jaganathan. “What people are finding, and a lot of this information is still preliminary, is that there seems to be a higher incidence of major strokes involving major blood vessels in younger patients with COVID-19”.

A medical study was done in New York City, New York that may support this ‘connection’. “They found a higher rate of strokes among patients under the age of 30 was almost four times higher in patients that had tested positive for COVID-19,” Dr. Jaganathan said. “However, the actual correlation about whether it’s during the actual infection or not is still largely unknown. But, it certainly appears to be a higher risk associated with having the virus”.

Either way, strokes should be taken seriously. If not caught in time, it could have permanent, negative effects on the brain and body, and may lead to death. “Minor things like facial tingling, facial weakness, weakness in the arms or legs, difficulty talking, or severe headaches – those are all symptoms,” Dr. Jaganathan mentioned. “If you feel like you are experiencing these symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately”.

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