Evart Area Fire Department Seeks Approval For Millage on November Ballot

In less than two weeks, voters in the Evart area will decide on a millage to help cover the rising costs of their fire department. Evart Fire

The department explained the millage at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

“It’s not a little bit, it’s a chunk of change,” said Carla Lamond, resident of Osceola Township.

The Evart Area Fire Department is asking voters for 2 mills to help them cover the increasing costs to operate.

“The 2 mill mark is what we ended up looking at as a feasible amount of money that would be able to suffice our operations as we have it and replace capital equipment,” said Shane Helmer, Fire Chief.

The 2 mills would replace the one mill homeowners who live in the city of Evart, Osceola Township, Sylvan, Orient and Evart Township already pay.

Fire Chief Shane Helmer says the new millage would cost homeowners $2 per every $1,000 of taxable value.

“Depending on what it would be, if you’re talking $100,000 home, you’re talking $200,” said Helmer.

The millage would allow them to replace their aging fire truck built in 1986 and buy more safety equipment.

“A lot of people don’t understand how much a fire truck costs, how much it is to put a firefighter through training and the personal protection equipment that’s needed for them, what that total cost is,” said Helmer.

On Wednesday evening, the Evart Area Fire Department held a meeting to break down the cost to voters.

Carla Lamond from Osceola Township says she had no idea how expensive fire equipment was.

“If my house is on fire, I want to know that they’re going to come and have everything they need to get it taken care of,” said Lamond.

Carla says she’s happy she went to the meeting to get her questions answered and become a more informed voter.

You have thirteen days, and this is going to determine everything as far as township and our town and the president,” said Lamond.

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