Speaker Pelosi’s 48-Hour Deadline Ends Soon

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The 48-hour deadline set by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to strike a deal on another round of stimulus relief is set to expire Tuesday night.

Both sides still have a lot of work to do, but say they are feeling more optimistic.

Speaker Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin continued to narrow their differences Monday.

But with a price tag as high as $2 trillion, the cost remains the largest issue separating Republicans and Democrats from reaching a deal.

Brian Morgenstern, White House deputy press secretary, says, “She’s laid down this, this sort of artificial deadline…So far, she’s been playing politics and just wanting to, you know, basically make working people continue to wait and suffer.”

On the other side, Democrat Rep. Val Demings says, “I believe that the speaker is going to hang in there and try to get the best relief for people who are suffering.”

The urgency to strike a deal comes at a time when unemployment levels are still high and small businesses could be in for a tough fall and winter.

Direct payments and enhanced unemployment insurance that helped keep families afloat have also ended.

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