Paddle Antrim Offers Safety Tips As Weather, Water Gets Colder

As water temperatures continue to drop, Paddle Antrim wants to make sure those out on the water are staying safe.Paddle Antrim

Paddle Antrim says that while the water is currently in the 50s, it can still be dangerous.

Falling in could cause cold water shock, making it harder to swim and breathe.

It can also lead to hypothermia.

The group says wearing a wet or dry suit is a must when out on cold water, as well as life jackets.

It’s also important to never go out alone, and bring a way to communicate and get help.

“There’s always the chance that you end up in the water and so whenever you’re out on the water, you should always anticipate falling in. And so you should always be prepared for what it’s like when you fall in the water,” said Deana Jerdee, Executive Director.

Paddle Antrim recommends that inexperienced or unsure swimmers should wait until spring to get out and paddle.