Operation Safe Stop Kicks Off This Week, Enforcing School Bus Safety

Police throughout Michigan will ramping up patrols to catch people illegally passing school buses this week.

The campaign is called Operation Safe Stop.  Eighteen law enforcement agencies throughout Michigan will be working overtime to enforce school bus safety.

In 2019, more than 2,000 citations were issued to drivers failing to stop for a school bus. That’s the most in 10 years, according to The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.

Communications Specialist Jon Ross says, “We want people to know that they’re doing it this week; we’re educating people this week, they’re out in force this week. But come next Monday, we still want you to drive safe around school buses. They’ll still be out patrolling for it.”

Ross says passing a stopped school bus is a civil infraction that could come with a fine of up to $500.