Next Presidential Debate Given New Format

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The Commission on Presidential Debates announced a new format for the second and final presidential debate.

Microphones will be muted during the debate on Thursday.

The goal is to avoid the chaos from the first debate so that voters get a chance to hear both platforms without interruption.

At the start of each of the six segments of the debate, each nominee will be given two minutes to answer an initial question.

During that portion, the opposing nominee’s microphone will be muted.

After they give their answer, both microphones will be unmuted to allow for discussion.

President Trump, who canceled the second debate after he refused to participate in a virtual format, confirmed he plans to participate in Thursday’s debate. But he says it’s “very unfair that they changed the topic and very unfair that again…we have an anchor who’s totally biased.”

NBC News White House Correspondent Kristen Welker will be the moderator.

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