Lake County 4-H Learning Kits: Keeping 4-H Members Engaged During Unprecedented Time

4-H, the nation’s largest youth-based program has had to connect with their students in a different way this year since they’ve had to cancel all of their in-person 4H meetings and events due to the4h Learning Kits Ll on-going pandemic. The Lake County 4-H chapter has gotten especially creative with how to keep their members engaged in their mission. 

“We don’t have good internet. We had to get satellite internet and it’s still spotty,” explains mother of 2 4-H students, Christina Pukelta, who lives in Baldwin. This is why hands-on learning has become so important to this community. Virtual learning isn’t always an option. The 4-H chapter coordinator for Lake County, Laurie Platte Breza took it upon herself to create and deliver monthly 4-H learning kits. Platte Breza says, “they’re packed with hands-on activities STEAM activities and mindfulness activities that kids can do either on their own or with their families in the safety of their own homes.”

Putting together kits each month for nearly 100 students can get pretty pricey. That’s why they’re on a mission to raise funds for the kits. This month the Lake County 4-H chapter has partnered with the MSU Crowd Power Campaign, giving people an easy way to support and donate to give kids in this county great learning opportunities. 6th grader and 4-H member, Lily Pukelta says, “It’s like school but fun! It’s like game school. Like recess and school put together!”

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