Glen Arbor Arts Center: ‘Power Tools’ of Expression

“The arts give us POWERFUL tools of expression.” This is the main theme of the Glen Arbor Arts Center‘s latest exhibit – ‘Power Tools‘. From now through November 5, you can see the works of 17Glen Arbor artists from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Oregon – that showcases the use of different media including paint, paper, mixed-media constructions, collage, fiber, and more.

“It’s always fascinating to me – to see how different artists process how they feel and what goes in their head, and how they translate it into their art,” said gallery manager, Sarah Bearup-Neal. Sarah went into detail about how ‘Power Tools’ – used in this sense – refer to paintbrushes, paints, paper, canvas, and artistic media. “It’s about the powerful tools of expression, that the arts provide us. Lots of times people say a picture’s worth 1000 words, and in this case, in this particular exhibition, that holds true”.

You can view ‘Power Tools’ at the Glen Arbor Arts Center, or view it virtually on their website.

Then, available only at the Glen Arbor Art Center, the ‘Art in a Time of Coronavirus: A Postcard Response‘ exhibit will be running from now through November 5. These postcards were created by artists and non-artists around the U.S. and made from paper, polymer clay, fabric, and/or recycled and mixed media materials.

“Anybody could send us up to five postcards, with some kind of representation about how they’re feeling about the pandemic how it affects them,” Sarah explained. “Creativity is life-affirming. The pandemic is like a little black cloud… if we can offer a way for somebody to do something life-affirming, it’s like an antidote against the black cloud”.

Click here to learn more about the ‘Art in a Time of Coronavirus: A Postcard Response’ exhibit.

For more information about the Glen Arbor Art Center, click here.



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