Child Rescued After Abduction from Wisconsin, Found in Kingsley

A child abducted in Wisconsin and missing for nearly three months was found safe in northern Michigan.

That boy was last seen with his father in a Milwaukee suburb, but the search led police to Grand Traverse County.

The kidnapping investigation started in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

That’s about 30 miles south of Milwaukee.

Police there launched a multi-state search for the 4-year-old boy.

The boy, Azariah Petrick was believed to be with his father, who had a joint custody arrangement with the boy’s mother.

But the Pleasant Prairie police chief says the father, Mark Petrick, didn’t return the boy and instead went off the grid.

Police officers searched several states and used social media to try to get the word out, and that’s when someone in Kingsley called police.

“The caller stated they saw the missing child on Facebook, the AMBER Alert, notified dispatch. They sent troopers there. We were assisted by sheriff’s deputies from the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office. Troopers knocked on the door, made contact with the man, asked if there was a child in there,” said Lt. Derrick Carroll with the Michigan State Police.

State police say the father was not cooperative and gave police a fake name at first, but the boy identified himself.

Mark Petrick was arrested on a felony charge for parental child abduction.

We’re also learning that the father and son were only in town for a couple of weeks.