World Surpasses 40 Million COVID-19 Cases

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Worldwide, the planet has passed 40 million COVID-19 cases.

The novel coronavirus surge in the U.S. continues as the country has now recorded more than 8 million cases.

The U.S. saw its highest case total in a single day since mid-July, tallying more than 70,000 cases on Saturday.

A shocking 38 states are now showing an upward trend in case numbers. And 26 states are in the red zone, meaning they are at a high risk for a coronavirus outbreak.

Five states have a positivity rate of more than 20%, with South Dakota hitting 36%. For perspective, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the positivity rate needs to be less than 5% to see a case decline.

Health experts like Epidemiologist Dr. Abdul El-Sayed say the surge is likely because of a lack of social distancing.

“People are starting to move indoors are starting to be lax on social distancing. Now you’re starting to see spread everywhere. And so you’re going to see many multiple fold the number of cases than we saw in the spring if this surge persists,” El-Sayed says.

Cases are not expected to go down anytime soon with holiday travel, colder weather, and more gatherings inside.

Without a vaccine, America is bracing for what could be a very rough fall and winter.

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