Pres. Trump, Biden Hit Campaign Trail With 2 Weeks to Go

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Now just about two weeks from Election Day, both President Trump and former Vice President Biden are red hot on the campaign trail.

On Thursday, the presidential candidates are scheduled to meet for their final debate in Nashville.

Both nominees were busy  campaigning this weekend.

The candidates began their day Sunday in church. The president in Las Vegas and Biden in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

10 19 20 Campaign Latest Mtm Vo.transferFollowing church, the president headed to Carson City, Nevada where he held a rally in front of thousands of supporters. The president said we will get past the coronavirus soon and that his administration is putting the nation first.

“If you vote for me, prosperity will surge…The pandemic is rounding the corner,” the president said.

This comes after President Trump made his way to Michigan on Saturday for a rally in Muskegon.

10 19 20 Campiagn Latest Other Side Sot.transferJoe Biden flew to North Carolina Sunday for a drive-through rally and voter mobilization event.

North Carolina has only swayed to the Democratic ticket once in the last 40 years. That was when Biden was the vice presidential nominee back in 2008.

“I’m running as a proud Democrat, but I will I will govern as an American President, no red, no blue states, just the United States,” he said.


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