Lt. Gov. Gilchrist Joins Traverse City Voters in Parade to Polls

“I encourage everyone to take advantage of that opportunity to not leave your power on the table.”

Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist was in Traverse City Sunday for an event where voters take their absentee ballots to their clerks.

“Voting is connected to power and ultimately how things change,” Gilchrist said. Gilchrist In Tc Pkg 11

Gilchrist joined Dan O’Neil, a Democratic candidate for state representative, and several voters for a parade to the polls. Their message: get out and vote.

“I encourage everyone to take advantage of that opportunity to not leave your power on the table,” Gilchrist said. “Your voice and influence is critical to our state and our nation.”

Gilchrist wants to make it clear to Michiganders there are many options to cast their ballots.

“There are drop boxes that you can take your ballot to and drop it off at a drop box, you can drop it off at your clerk’s office,” Gilchrist said. “Here are so many options because we want voting to be easy.

With growing concern regarding voter intimidation and absentee ballot security, Gilchrist is confident in the process.

“I’m confident that the voters are confident in the process, that is why we’re going to see more people vote in Michigan than have ever voted in the history of elections this term,” Gilchrist said. “And those who want to intimidate voters, those who want to stop people from voting, they’re the ones that are going to lose.”

With so many mail in ballots, Gilchrist says results may take longer than we’re used to, but that’s just the accuracy of the process.

“This is going to be a different election, it’s going to take longer to count ballots because we have so many more ballots coming in by mail,” Lt. Gov. Gilchrist said. “In Michigan we are focused on getting the count right. We are focused on getting an accurate count and if that means it takes a couple of days that’s okay. I want everyone to participate. I want no Michigander to be left out of this decision making process.”

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