Women’s March TC Honors RBG, Fights for Human Rights

Monica Evans is a co-founder of Women’s March in Traverse City.

When she got wind of the Women’s March Foundation’s idea to celebrate the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, she got to work on making their own rally

Monica Evans says, “Today is actually a nationwide day of action for Women’s March and we’re not only here to honor the notorious Ruth, but to remind the Trump Administration we are still here.”10 17 20 Women's March Tc

Evans says deciding on a new Supreme Court Justice before the election will take away the power of the people.

“The majority of the American people want this administration to stop pushing through this nominee. The American people want to choose that next justice,” said Evans.

Which is a position many democrats have taken.

Dana Ferguson is the democratic candidate for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District.

Ferguson says, “It would be nice to honor her legacy, slow things down, and really take a little more thoughtful approach. I think it would show her the respect that she deserves.”

He says the Women’s March Foundation now stands for much more.

“It’s not just about women anymore. It’s grown into Human Rights issues and I think that’s all something we should be getting behind,” said Ferguson.

Evans says it gives her hope seeing so many show support.

“This is an amazing crowd and we’re getting an amazing response from the people at are driving by here in Traverse City,” said Evans.

Women’s March TC says they plan on having more events like this leading up to the election.