The Life of the Sleeping Bear Celebrates 50th Anniversary of National Lakeshore

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is celebrating 50 years on October 21st.  A recent book, The Life of the Sleeping Bear highlights the rich history and people involved with the nationalSleeping Bear lakeshore over the last several decades.

Kathy Cole, an editor and member of The Friends of Sleeping Bear, a non-profit that works to protect and raise funds for the lakeshore, talks about the book and a recent educational resource for kids and parents.

It’s an opportunity to bring younger generations up to speed with the historical timelines of the national lakeshore and what makes the area so unique.

For more information about The Life of Sleeping Bear, and those involved with the book check out the video posted above.

To get a copy of either book that Kathy Cole talks about during the interview click here.

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