‘Relish’ing in Fashionably Fall Layers

Fall is one of the more fun and festive seasons for fashion. This includes rich colors, exciting patterns, and boots ranging from short to tall. With so many choices, it’s no wonder why many Relishfashionistas love to layer clothes – even their accessories, this time of year. We met with our friend Tracey Lark, owner of Relish in Downtown Traverse City, to get some advice on how to layers can bring us warmth and beauty to our fall wardrobe.

Here are her recommendations:

  • Layer Accessories – Use different lengths of necklaces and styles.
  • Fall Color Pick: Mustard Yellow – Such a bold color, but it can help pull out the colors of your accessories, shaws, scarfs, sweaters, etc. even more.
  • Sleeveless Dresses & Tunics – It’s getting cold, but pairing a sleeveless dress or tunic with a cardigan or sweater can help you adapt to change in temps at home, office, or wherever. Or, layer it with a long sleeve shirt worn under the dress or tunic. Pair it with a nice pair of leggings, boots, and scarf.
  • Fall Pattern Pick: Plaid – Plaid is timeless, and the choice of colors are limitless.

For an example of all of the ‘fall looks’ recommended by Tracey Lark, watch the video above.

Click here, for more information about Relish.


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