Ramsdell Theater in Manistee Receives $30,000 Grant to Keep the Arts Alive

The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs awarded nearly $600,000 dollars in grants to 38 organizations and projects in northwest Michigan.

One of those awarded was the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts in Manistee.

The center received more than $30,000 to help them keep operations going and make improvements; including upgrades to sound equipment and technology that’s nearly 20 years old.

Executive Director Xavier Verna says the pandemic has made it difficult for them financially:

“I think that the message is strong about how critical the arts are to communities,” says Verna. “It’s really just tough right now because we can’t fill our hall and a lot of people are still playing it safe and staying at home.”

This weekend, the Ramsdell Theater will be holding its first live concert since February. The concert is also available virtually. Click here for a list of events.