Mason County Central Schools Unveil New Solar Arrays

The Mason County Central School District just unveiled new arrays of solar panels that now provide power to two of their buildings.

And it’s all thanks to a first of its kind agreement in the state.

Mason County Central first started looking into solar panels about two years ago. They’re now the first district in the state to enter what’s known as a power purchasing agreement. They provide the land and buy discounted energy while the solar company sells any extra sent to the power grid.

“If you’ve got space on your property and a lot of school districts do, unused space, these things are very, very easy to do now that we’ve gone though it, because once we got the power purchase agreement going, the only thing that held us up was COVID,” said Superintendent Jeff Mount.

These new panels are expected to save the district 25 to 30% on their energy costs each year they’re up and running.

“All of the stars have to align, and they did. So for this actually to actually come to fruition and to actually look at the meter on Tuesday when the sun was out, and I bet it’s doing it right now, when the meters going backwards, you know you’re doing something really cool for the environment,” said Mount.

And these panels are also expected to become a valuable tool for teachers in the district.

“Those are chemical reactions happening out there and we’ll be able to teach that using chemistry, physical science, the economy of this, how does this save the district money, we can show that to our kids in our economics class. It’s kind of one of those check marks in your, you’d love to do something like this list and it really is that bucket list thing,” said Mount.

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