COVID-19 Hospitalizations Spike Across U.S.

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The U.S. reached the highest single day coronavirus case total since July, adding nearly 60,000 cases.

This week alone, 21 states—Michigan included—logged their highest average daily case counts.

And hospitalizations have seen a huge spike in several states. Indiana saw a 25% increase. In Ohio, 28% increase. Delaware saw a 30% jump and Minnesota saw hospitalizations go up by 32%.

But they aren’t the only states facing the problem. Wisconsin has been battling a surge of hospitalizations for weeks and it is causing concern for hospital staff.

Prevea Health President and CEO Dr. Ashok Rai says, “If there was a major car accident today in Green Bay, between all the hospitals, we wouldn’t be able to take care of it.”

As of Thursday, the U.S. was averaging 52,000 cases a day. That is up about 8,500 from last week.

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