Broadband Extension Act of Michigan to Bring Better Internet Access to Rural Areas

Mike Tusin owns Mad Mike’s Computer Services in Traverse City.

He says many Northern Michigan Communities are years behind when it comes to internet infrastructure.

“Lake City, Moorestown, South Boardman-where really there’s not serviceable areas out there. You’re kind of stuck to like a cellular based signal,” said Tusin.

He says even that type of connect isn’t always reliable.

“It’s just literally buffer, buffer. You get to watch two seconds of the video, buffer, buffer- because there’s that hesitation and delay,” says Tusin.

With more people working and learning from home, the Coronavirus pandemic highlighted this issue.

Michele Hoitenga represents Michigan’s 102nd district.

She says, “It’s really shown us the digital divide here in Michigan. What I mean by that is those who don’t have access to broadband are really at a disadvantage.”

She hopes the Broadband Extension Act of Michigan helps students and families who now depend on reliable internet access.

Hoitenga says, “It’s not going to be an easy task to get there. It’s expensive, but we are going to put more incentives in. We’re looking at addition legislation.”03312448 3363 4e30 Ad4b 3fc43128f24c

Mad Mike’s Computer Services in Traverse City says they’ve heard this promise made before many times.

Mike Tusin says, “You would think that in this day and age especially with COVID and everything going on right now, that the cities or somebody would jump up and say let’s throw a WiFi hotspot out with some antennas.”

Representative Hoitenga says the legislature continues to look at different options and the addition of this program should start soon.