Arborist and Avid Tree Climber Takes in Fall Colors from Above

Tree Climbing Pkg 4If you’ve taken look outside your window lately, chances are you’ve been greeted with bright reds, yellows, and oranges! A spectacle people from all over want to see— fall in Northern Michigan! Some people take in the beauty that surrounds them from the comfort of a trail, others take in the view up close and personal! 

Bo Burke is a certified Arborist and is an avid tree climber. Being an Arborist is essentially being a tree doctor. Bo Burke says, “This is what I do to get away and have fun and kind of explore the canopy on my own.” 

Not only is he an Arborist by day, but he also owns Climb a Tree in Grand Traverse County, one of the only tree-climbing outfitters in the Midwest. Here those with an adventurous spirit are in for quite the experience! 

Cedar Run Creek at the western edge of Traverse City is home to a big Black Walnut that is believed to be over a century old! “It’s a hardwood tree. It’s kind of craggy. It has low, long limbs that stretch out. It’s wider than it is tall,” explains Bo. 

If you are interested in learning more about Bo, Climb a Tree, or his arbor care business, click here.

Please note, Bo is booked for the remainder of the season so be sure to check in with him in Spring 2021. 

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