Virtual JOBfair: Natural Northern Foods

The owner of Natural Northern Foods, Lori LeClair is currently looking for people to help grow her business. “We want people who can definitely multitask, follow the recipes, and can adapt to 10 15 20 The Four Job Fair Natural Northern very quickly,” said Lori. “They need to be both team-oriented and have the ability to work independently”. 

Natural Northern Foods is based out of Traverse City and provides “fresh, flavorful, fun” organic foods ranging from salsas to spreads. 

The business was started in 2005 and was born from Lori’s “passion for creating great tasting, whole, healthy foods”. Since the creation of Natural Northern Foods, her products can be found in over 100 locations throughout the state. 

To see the latest job openings at Natural Northern Foods, contact:

Lori LaClair


Phone: 231-360-3131

Business website:

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