Hook & Hunting: License Sales Increase

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced many activities, but hunting doesn’t appear to be one of them. Hook And Hunting

A lot of people are purchasing hunting licenses.

The DNR says the number of individual license buyers is up 12 to 15% this year compared to the past couple of years.

Hunting license sales and participation have been on a steady decline for decades.

However, numbers this year appear to climb back to levels from 2016.

The DNR says the pandemic has certainly played a role.

“One of the big reasons people don’t hunt is a lack of time. They’ve got work, they have other hobbies, and they have kids in sports. It’s something you can do right now. You’re out in the woods, it’s calm, quiet, you’re away from other people,” said Vernon Richardson, Wildlife Biologist.

These numbers do not reflect the amount of licenses being bought but more accurately reflect the amount of interest in hunting this season.

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