Finding Common Ground Despite Political Differences with authors, Chris Haugh & Jordan Blashek

Two best friends with two totally different political outlooks have come together to co-author a memoir called, Union: ACover Democrat, A Republican and the Search for Common Ground.  The authors, Chris Haugh of Berkeley, California and Jordan Blashek who lives in Manhattan, New York met at Yale Law School.

Haugh, now a writer and liberal and Blashek, a military veteran and conservative decided to take a road trip together in 2016 and talk about their political differences throughout 44 states, all to find common ground.  They detail their journey and the people they met with, talked with and the politics they discussed within Union.

They now have a message for all of us during a time when our nation seems more divided than ever.

The two authors will be doing a virtual presentation about their memoir during the next virtual National Writers Series presentation on Sunday, October 18th.

To see the interview with Haugh and Blashek, check out the video posted above.  For more information and to register for the National Writers Series event for October 18th, click here.

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