Vaccine Setbacks: ‘This is Why We Do Clinical Trials’

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Coronavirus cases are up in more than 30 states.

As cases show no signs of slowing, medical setbacks are causing some concern. Health experts are worried the current surge could overwhelm hospitals as the colder weather sets in.

And vaccine and antibody treatment trials have taken some major blows—a trial for an antibody treatment from Eli Lilly is halted because of a possible safety issue. It comes one-day after Johnson & Johnson said it’s pausing an advanced clinical trial of a vaccine for a similar concern.

But some experts say finding these issues now could actually be a positive.

Medical Analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner says, “There are no quick fixes here.  This is why we have to do science.  I’m actually not discouraged by these pauses, this is why we do clinical trials.  We’ll get it right and we’ll have great therapeutics.  I’m not really worried about these, you know, speed bumps.”

Drug-maker Pfizer is starting new testing on its vaccine.

They are planning to start testing its experimental coronavirus vaccine on children as young as 12, an age group that has not seen much clinical testing to this point.

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