Texas, Georgia Early Voters Wait in Hours Long Lines

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Early voting has started in several states across the country, but some voters are running into some long wait times.

In states like Texas and Georgia, some voters saw long lines wrapping around polling stations and wait times ranging from two to eight hours just to cast their ballots.

While some couldn’t stay to cast their votes, hundreds stuck around to vote—including one Texas voter, Jessica Thomas, who is due to give birth Thursday.

“I wanted to go ahead and get my vote in and make it count, so I decided to stay…It was just disappointing to see some people left and I’m wondering are those people are gonna make it back in to vote, or they’re not gonna vote this year,” Thomas says.

Multiple counties in Texas say the lines were because of technology glitches. The state says they are looking into the issues and hope to avoid them in the coming days.

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