Red Cross Need for Blood During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There is always a need for blood donations across the country and the push is on this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It’s a good time to step up and donate if you’re able.Red Cross
The American Red Cross supplies about 40% of the blood supply in the United States and move the blood donations to where they’re needed most.

Cancer patients are a main group in constant need of blood donations, and that’s something the Red Cross northern Michigan chapter wants to get out.  In fact, the northern Michigan chapter hosts a blood drive every 56 days.

“Blood is something that of course is always needed but especially for cancer patients because many times they’re going through surgeries or treatments that they need to have blood. So, think about a breast cancer patient having to go through a mastectomy. They might possibly need blood and we want to make sure that blood is available for them. Our blood only has a certain number of days that it has a shelf-life,” says executive director for the Red Cross northern Michigan chapter, Cathy Anthofer-Fialon.

Plus, the process is made simple with the use of the American Red Cross app.

“If you go to the app store in American Red Cross and see all of the wonderful Red Cross apps and one of them is a blood donor app. You can enter all your information and make appointments from there, so that when you arrive to donate blood, you have fewer steps that you have to go through. Once you’re registered in our system and provide your email address, you will get an email back telling you where your blood was used,” says Anthofer-Fialon.

There is a Red Cross blood drive coming up November, 30th in the Cadillac area and then the drives happen every 56 days. You can pre-register on the Red Cross app.

If you’re unable to give blood but would still like to help, the Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to take donors’ temperatures and to help staff donation sites.

If you’d like more information about donating, volunteering or the upcoming drives across Michigan click here.

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