Breast Imaging Specialist Talks Screenings, Self-Breast Exams & Breast Cancer Risk Factors

It might seem like common sense, but staying on top of annual mammograms, doing self-breast checks and knowing your risk factors are all ways to stay ahead of breast cancer.  Although genetics Mammogramdoes play a huge role with the disease, it’s always a case by case basis.

“Our recommendation at Grand Traverse Radiologists is to start screening mammography for all women, at age 40 and to continue annually, at least until age, 80.  So, we know that genetics does play a role in about 20% of breast cancers. In women that we know are high risk, there’s some genetic mutations that we know about.  We can test for those and are the ones many of us have heard of the, the BRCA gene and we now know there are several other genes that have varying impacts as well that we can actually test for,” says breast imager with Grand Traverse Radiologists, Leah Carlson.

Plus, Dr. Carlson suggests routine breast examines at the same time every month for women.

“For some women that can be challenging because some women have very lumpy, bumpy breasts. So, let’s see if there’s any changes and getting to know sort of how how your breast feels and so absolutely I recommend at least monthly self-breast exams for pre-menopausal women usually doing it the week after your period is a perfect time. For post-menopausal women, anytime is fine. I just suggest the same time each month,” says Dr. Carlson.

For more information about breast cancer awareness including yearly mammograms, genetics and self-breast exams check out the entire interview with Dr. Leah Carlson posted above.

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