Traverse City Beer Week Provides Self-Guided Tour of Area Breweries, Restaurants

Traverse City has become known for its breweries and restaurants which is why an upcoming week-long celebration truly highlights these businesses.  The Traverse City Beer Week Ale Trail hasImg 1093 taken on a new approach this year.  The event has become a self-guided tour along with a digital passport throughout the week of November 13-20 for savings and promotions.

“This year we’re doing a very cool mobile passport that allows you to hit the Traverse City ale trail and go around to a whole bunch of cool breweries and you have it all on your phone.  So, it’s this nice touchless way to interact and as you check into different breweries you get points that you can then use to enter to win swag, and if you’re actually staying in a local hotel then you can get entered in this awesome grand prize. It’s like this beer dream getaway well and you get prizes and fun stuff,” says public relations manager for Traverse City Tourism, Jillian Manning.

Plus, for the breweries involved it’s a win-win and allows them to connect with the community and showcase some of their unique flavors.  Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City is collaborating with bakery, Peace, Love & Little Donuts for a unique, fall menu.

“We’re going to be doing a collaboration with Peace Love & Donuts. We’re going to make an oatmeal stout with doughnuts in it. We’re also going to be doing a pairing with them, so a beer pairing with their doughnuts. We’ll be offering discounts that are on the passport for those sampler trays,” says the owner of Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City, Russell Springsteen.

For more information about the Traverse City Week Ale Trail including the restaurants and breweries involved and to register click here.

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