Presidential Candidates Back on the Campaign Trail

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President Trump back out on the campaign trail as the White House says he has officially tested negative for coronavirus.

Just one week after leaving the hospital, President Trump rallied with hundreds of supporters in Sanford, Florida.

During the rally, the president once again touted the treatment he received in the hospital and says he was given a “miracle cure.”

With cheers from the crowd, president Trump said, “We’re going to take whatever the hell they gave me, we’re going to distribute it around to hospitals and everyone is going to have the same damn thing.”

But while the president held a shoulder-to-shoulder rally, former Vice President Joe Biden criticized the president for what he called irresponsible behavior.

“Experts are telling us we might lose an extra 200,000 lives by the end of January all because the President cares about is the stock market,” Biden said.

Both President Trump and Biden have a busy week of campaign stops scheduled.

Thursday was supposed to be the second debate but that debate has since been postponed. Both nominees will hold rallies instead.

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