GTPulse: Don’t Miss This Traverse City Scavenger Hunt Mystery

Upgrade your weekend cereal and cartoons this October. Instead of a bowl of Count Chocula or Boo-Berry in front of the TV, grab your friends or little ones, some movie snacks, and buckle in. Literally. Mashup Rock and Roll Musical is putting on a show that’s unlike anything they’ve done before. Instead of charming audiences on stage, they’ll be charming audiences through a city-wide theatrical experience and scavenger hunt style adventure. Scooby Doo Wop is fun for the whole family, and you’ll watch the fun unfold from the comfort of your own car.

There’s a ghost haunting Old Town in Traverse City and Scooby, Shaggy and the gang are on a mission to restore peace of mind to the town. 

“There is some lore I know with the Playhouse,”

Lesley Tye is the co-founder of Mashup Rock and Roll, and the writer behind Scooby Doo Wop.

“This is a ghost that haunts around town. They’re going to be figuring out is this a ghost, and why is the haunting happening.”

The audience will be figuring it out along with them. Theatrical experiences have been hindered by the pandemic in a major way. With the weather changing, outdoor theatre is no longer an option. That hasn’t stopped Mashup from getting creative.

Photo by: Harpe Star

“There have been theatre and dance companies who even during the first of the pandemic were kind of experimenting in this way and having these individualized experiences or parking lot experiences where people can be safe in their cars. When I was reading about this I thought, ‘That’s something we need to do.’”

Mashup has just been granted their 501c3 nonprofit status and the idea for Scooby-Doo Wop came from a board member.

“I thought it would be perfect for us. We could make it a scavenger hunt with clues to solve the mystery in the middle of it.”

A lot of theatre companies may be doing parking lot experiences, but Scooby Doo Wop is an original show written by Lesley with music composed by co-founder Tony Bero. The show will be exclusive to Traverse City, and an interactive experience.

Running on weekend days in October, audiences will start the adventure in Old Town Playhouse’s parking lot. From there they will be able to watch the show with audio and clues sent to their smartphones. They’ll follow the gang for three stops in town as they inch closer and closer to exposing the ghost of Old Town.

“You have to start with making a reservation. We use six parking lots per shift. Making a reservation is just making a donation through our website. We want to make sure everyone can do this experience. We hope people are generous but we know that times are tough so we’re doing this by donation basis for what people can afford.”

Photo by: Harpe Star

Once the reservation is reserved a notification will be sent to the smartphone number provided. All of the contact information will be through your phone.

“That’s how we’ll send clues and audio files. It’s kind of a mix between digital and analog. You have to use a smartphone, but at the same time we’ll be doing live-action stuff in front of their cars. There will be signs that will prompt them when to text something, when to start the song we’re performing to. It’s going to be quite an experience.”

Mashup Rock and Roll Musical is a Traverse City based theatre troupe started by Lesley Tye and Tony Bero. Stories and songs are written with the troupe castmates in mind. Troupe member Micah Mabey will be playing Shaggy alongside Kristen Lea Stewart who will be playing Scooby. This isn’t their first time performing, but it’s the first time they’ve been able to participate in a production since the pandemic. Being able to bring socially distant theatre to Traverse City has posed unique challenges.

“Figuring out ways to express myself with a face mask on and still keeping socially distant,” Kristen said. “All this covid stuff is a challenge but we’re happy being safe.”

But they’re happy to entertain the masses and provide an experience unlike any other that they’ve done before.

“I’m most excited for the audience to just be able to see a show again,” Micah said. “I know I’ve missed being in them.”

Tickets are selling like hotcakes. Get yours before they’re gone at


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