Savings, Paying Off Debt and Making Major Purchases During the Pandemic and Beyond

Savings, paying off debt, and making major purchases like buying a house or a car are all topics that can be tricky especially during a pandemic.  Sometimes we feel on track, while other times we’re Pexels Alexander Mils 2068975left questioning if we’re going in the right direction when it comes to where our money is going.

Eric Braund is the chief financial officer and founder of Black Walnut Wealth Management in Traverse City.  He says there are certain amounts of savings that should be happening regardless if we’re in a pandemic or not and certain purchases that should be made depending on your plans.

To see the complete list of advice, Braund has to offer and his financial recommendations check out the video posted above.

For a direct link to Black Walnut Wealth Management in Traverse City and to connect with a financial expert click here.

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