Public Health Experts Write Open Letter to Senator Shirkey About Herd Immunity Comment

Shirkey Herd Immunity Comments Vo 5.transfer

Michigan’s Senate majority leader made comments last week about the coronavirus that public health experts are calling out.

Senator Mike Shirkey is a Republican from Clarklake.

In an MLive article posted Saturday, Shirkey said he’s a “big believer that there’s an element of herd immunity that needs to take place.”

Monday, five public health experts sent an open letter to Shirkey explaining the issues his comments raised, including that herd immunity would require another 6.5 million Michigan residents to contract the virus.

They say that would mean more than 30,000 additional deaths.

They added, “A much better alternative would be to control the spread of the coronavirus through policies based on evidence, followed by broad use of a safe and effective vaccine when available.”

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