Versiti in Dire Need of Convalescent Plasma Donations

One of the treatments helping people fight COVID-19 is convalescent plasma infusion.

But there’s suddenly a shortage of blood plasma to help these patients. Covid Plasma Help Vo 6.transfer

Versiti says a surge in cases in the Midwest has resulted in more plasma being used, and they’re in dire need of more donations.

Anyone over the age of 18 with antibodies in their system is encouraged to donate.

They even screen anyone who donates blood for antibodies to see if they can help with the plasma situation.

Versiti’s vice president of transfusion says donating plasma with antibodies is a powerful way to help a lot people.

“So you have to be recovered from COVID. But once you start donating, you can donate weekly or every other week up to 12 times. So in three to four months, one donor can help all sorts of patients,” explained Dr. Dan Waxman VP of Transfusions.

Versiti has locations in Traverse City and Midland.

For more information on plasma donations, call 866-702-HOPE or click here.

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