Cans for Childhood Cancer: Mason County Community Collects and Returns Cans for Local Children Battling Cancer

A group of community members in Mason County are collecting and donating bottles and cans for childhood cancer. Tom Pexels Kaboompics Com 6079Ezdebski and his team over at the Childhood Cancer Campaign with the Optimist Club of Ludington started collecting cans back in April, hoping to raise a couple hundred dollars for local children and their families who are battling cancer. Tom Ezdebski says, “All the money that we raise stays local. It doesn’t go to New York to pay someone’s salary— it doesn’t go to corners somewhere around the world.”

Tom and his wife, Patricia, put the call out to the community and they answered. To date, they have collected over 181,546 cans. That’s just over $18,000 to support 4 local families with utility bills, gas cards, food, gifts for the children— anything the family may need beyond paying for medical bills. 

With 181,000+ cans, he needed all the help he could get. That’s where volunteer AmiJo Voorheis stepped in. “We got involved with the childhood cancer campaign after our son was diagnosed— they were one of our main helpers,” explains Voorheis. Her son, Adam, was 16 when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2011. He lost his battle in October of 2013.  AmiJo and her family hope that through their efforts collecting and returning cans and bottles, they can help other families who are where they were not long ago… “I know the pain and I can take the pain because I can still do it and I want to take their pain away in any way that I can.” 

They are hoping to hit 200,000 cans by the end of the year. If you are interested in supporting the Childhood Cancer Campaign, whether that be donating your cans, your time, or making a monetary donation, click here to learn more or call Tom Ezdebski at (231) 631-7435. 


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