Health Departments Navigate Other Duties Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Health departments have played a critical role in the fight against COVID-19, and that is on top of their other duties.

We spoke with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan on how they are handling things. 10 08 2020 Health Department Capabilities Sot Vo 6

They say at first, during the stay-at-home order, many non-COVID-19 related services were suspended.

Since, they have ramped back up their other duties like environmental services, immunizations, and food services.

“We’ve brought on extra staff, we’ve asked more of our staff,” said health officer Lisa Peacock. “We’ve sought grant funding throughout all of this to support that extra staffing capacity  and we just strive every day to make sure we’re meeting the needs of the community.”

Peacock says they remain committed to all areas of public health.

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