Antrim Co. Sheriff Reassures Elk Rapids Community After Plot Against Gov. Whitmer Revealed

The plan to kidnap the governor revolved around her lake house in Elk Rapids.

People there are grappling with how this could happen in a town like theirs.

“This is something we haven’t dealt with before. And we’re doing what we can with the FBI and the state police. This is all done through the AG’s office,” said Sheriff Bean. “This is their investigation and we’re going to leave that up to them and whatever help they need, whatever assistance they need, we’re willing to help out with it.”

The Antrim County Sheriff says they have three of the men in their jail.

Elk Rapids native—Michelle Anderson says she can see why Elk Rapids could have been a targeted location.

“It’s very quaint and quiet and very unassuming. So it’s maybe not so surprising that a group would decided to plot an idea like that,” said Anderson.

She says she thinks many are upset over the way Governor Whitmer has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anderson said, “There are things happening in other states and other governors are taking a different approach so I think that’s where this feeling of unrest are coming from.”

Wildflower Soapworks, Downtown Elk Rapids says they have personally felt support from the Governor over the last few months.

They say that even though people may be angry, this type of plan is still not justified.

“It just seems really shocking that there would be people that would turn on her in that way because she has shown support to us and that she has cared about us in that way,” said Wildflower Soapworks employee, Ash Thomason. “Nobody’s happy about it but this is just an insanely drastic measure to display your dissatisfaction.”96eeca95 A949 4812 A532 6d4a2c24c395

Others are worrying how this could affect younger generations.

“I have ten grand children and I’m thinking for them. I’m worried for them. This is the kind of world we’re leaving for them? It’s just very sad,” said Elk Rapids shopper, Barbra Fasulo-Emmott.

The Antrim County Sheriff’s Department wants to assure those in the area.

“We’re going to start watching what we’re doing and watching the Area more and more. Overall, our office is still doing our business as usual,” said Sheriff Bean.

Police say this is an ongoing investigation.