Traverse City DDA Transitioning to Managed Parking System

Parking in Traverse City is always a hot topic, and the Downtown Development Authority is working on ways to manage it more efficiently

The city approved the DDA’s plans to overhaul their approach and transition into a more managed parking systems effort.

That means that when making decisions about parking lots, meters and other factors, they’re going to take into account the busiest areas of downtown and work to find a solution that benefits shoppers, business owners and downtown employees.

Instead of making incremental shifts they’ll be able to make sweeping decisions that impact interdependent parking infrastructures.

For example, that could lead to more expensive meters in primo spots on Front Street and cheaper meters elsewhere.

“There are primo spots, and there are spots further away. And we can also manage the network, there are meters, there are surface lots there are parking decks, so it’s more than just parking in front of your house,” said Steve Constantin, a Traverse City DDA board member.

The city will also set parking ceiling rates.

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