TBA Credit Union Donates $1,300 to TCAPS for Do-It-Yourself Ice Packs

The TBA Credit Union has once again came through for TCAPS. Tcaps

They are supplying them with another generous donation to help with their COVID-19 related needs.

The $1,300 donation will purchase do-it-yourself ice packs for teachers at the elementary and middle school level.

This will help keep students from going to the main offices for help if they get any bumps or bruises on the playground during recess.

TCAPS says it’s a great way to keep students from coming into contact with each other throughout the day.

“This allows teachers to take them out whenever the noon duty aids can take them out and hand them out to kids without the need for them to run into the office and potentially be in a place where another student may be ill or something in the office. This allows for them to avoid that entirely,” said Executive Director of Communications, Christine Guitar.

TCAPS says they’re thankful to have a community partner like TBA Credit Union especially during times like these.

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