Supreme Court Ruling Wipes Out MI Safe Start Plan

Last week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the Upper Peninsula region would be sliding back to Phase 4 but just hours after that, the State Supreme Court took away her powers of executive order.

That means the MI Safe Start plan the governor put in place months ago, no longer exists. No more phases, no more regions, no more sliding back or moving up.Election Bill 2 Original

The Upper Peninsula will have to follow any orders coming from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services just like the rest of the state.

The new mask laws coming not from the Governor but the department’s epidemic order abilities.

“While there are some great health systems in the UP, they are not equipped to handle a community spread outbreak and that’s why we have to take this seriously,” says Whitmer, “We can’t get caught up if we’re still in Phase 4 or 5 in a particular region. The law of Michigan, by virtue of these epidemic orders, is that we have to mask up and that we can’t congregate in large numbers.”

The Governor and legislature will have to negotiate any further orders from her office.

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