Michigan Retailers Association Supports Downtown Businesses in Buy Nearby Weekend

The Michigan Retailers Association is trying to show shoppers how their dollars value the state during this year’s annual Buy Nearby Weekend.

Michigan Retailers Association Vice President of Communications and Marketing Meegan Holland says, “We use this weekend as an awareness and education tool because we want shoppers to understand the power of their dollar.”

Michigan Retailers Association says refocusing where you spend your money could have big benefits to local downtowns and the workforce.

Holland says, “If everybody just converted one online purchase to a local store we would have 10,600 more jobs in Michigan.”

The Charlevoix Downtown Development Authority says over the last few months their downtown shops have needed the business.

Main Street DDA Director Lindsey Dotson says, “Through the pandemic, through the roughest times we kind of all leaned on each other and that kind of includes all of the small businesses to just help out.”

10 04 20 Buy Nearby WeekendSome businesses are now offering perks for those that stop by.

Dotson says, “It depends on where you go like some people have drawings, some people are giving away items with purchases and things like that.”

The Michigan Retailers Association says the precautions businesses are taking have made shopping safe.

Holland says, “Retail has definitely proven that it can operate safely during the pandemic. Very few cases have been attributed to retail.”

The Michigan Retailers Association is also giving away up to $500 for people that go out and shop at their local downtown.