TC Nonprofit, Spark in the Dark, Launches Facebook Branch in Mt. Pleasant

Spark in the Dark, a Facebook based nonprofit based in Traverse City, started a branch in Mt. Pleasant this week.

Spark in the Dark uses Facebook to connect those in need with housing items, clothing, food and more through member posts.

Abagail McKiernan, founder and executive director of Spark in the Dark, says, “It was important to bring it to Mt. Pleasant because Mt. Pleasant is my hometown, I grew up in Beal City, so it’s near and dear to me and it’s such a strong community there.”

The organization launched in Traverse City in 2015. Now, the group has more than 12,000 followers and meets 12,000 needs every year.

“All we did it create this neighbor to neighbor concept that’s been happening across the world for the entire existence of humanity, but we put it on the internet to simplify it,” says McKiernan.

Gina Clasman, Mt. Pleasant regional director for Spark in the Dark, says, “There’s been so much division amongst people and I think bringing this to the area shows people how to come back together as a community again and fulfill their own needs to each other, verses trying to reach out to different places and getting turned down, over and over and over.”

Anyone is welcome to join the Spark in the Dark Facebook page to donate or request items.

Clasman says, “I just think it’s an amazing community and an amazing way to bring our communities back together and helping each other again.”

Click here for the Spark in the Dark – Traverse City Facebook Page

And here for the Spark in the Dark – Mt. Pleasant Facebook Page.