NCMC Political Science Professor Explains Plans Laid Out for Continuation of Presidential Powers

With the president now diagnosed with the coronavirus, we wanted to know more about the U.S. government’s plans for continuation of presidential powers.

What happens if the president needs to step away from his duties?

Doctor Scott LaDeur teaches political science at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey. He says if President Trump becomes unable to perform his duties for whatever reason during his coronavirus diagnosis, the 25th amendment comes into play and vice president pence would assume presidential duties.

“This has been used in the past, recently when presidents have had colonoscopies or other kind of minor medical procedures where they’ve had to be under anesthesia or not quite 100 percent conscious at the time and it been very limited in effect, a couple hours,” said LaDeur.

As for other senior staff that may have been exposed to the virus or tested positive in recent days, LaDeur points out, the white house has already dealt with that situation.

“If you recall Dr. Anthony Fauci tested positive and had to self-isolate, the president’s national security advisor, so his top person on national security affairs, Robert O’Brien tested positive over the summer and self-isolated and worked from home for two weeks

LaDeur also says, thankfully, the president’s diagnosis comes without the United States involved in major international conflicts.

“We are not in a military conflict that requires minute by minute, day by day adjustments and decisions.

While it’s never great to have the leader of your county laid up by a disease, including one that could be fatal, the day to implications for national security are probably not as dire as some might suggest,” said LaDeur.

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