Traverse City Claims a Spot on the ‘Most Arts Vibrant’ List for Mid-Sized Communities

The beautiful Traverse City has another accolade to add on its long list of community achievements. Mclaren Copy

Recently, they were named #10 for the ‘Most Art Vibrant Middle Size Community’ in the U.S. according to a research study done by SMU DataArts. Traverse City is one of the smaller cities in the medium-sized category, but its big love of arts helped it make the grade.

“[It] possesses a well-developed arts scene. The city is best known culturally for the Interlochen Center for the Arts…”. Traverse City’s theatres, City Opera House, public galleries, and other cultural factors were taken into account.

Traverse City was also recognized in 2018 and 2016.

SMU DataArts designed this study to “help arts leaders, businesses, government agencies, funders, and engaged citizens better understand their community’s arts and culture sector”.

Click here to check out their ‘Art Vibrancy’ map that includes Traverse City, and other arts communities around the nation.

To learn more about SMU DataArts, click here.

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