NMC and Michigan Tech Partner Up to Expand Research on Great Lakes, Marine Studies

Two powerhouses of Northern Michigan higher education are teaming up to focus on Great Lakes research. Nmc Michigan Tech

Northwestern Michigan College will work with Michigan Tech to develop, expand and promote freshwater technology and scientific advancements.

NMC already has some of the most advanced marine technology in the country, while Michigan Tech brings a thorough approach to research. Together, they hope to partner on projects which will expand the capacity for jobs and research region.

The TC college has an entire marine technology baccalaureate program, and this partnership will further help local students land jobs and do work for prestigious organizations such as NOAA in the future.

Hans VanSumeren runs the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute at NMC and says the career has been “COVID-proof” and all of his students have remained gainfully employed because the work is so important and in-demand.

Their partnership with MTU could attract workers, and scientists and interest from all over as they work to tackle big problems.

“Only about 4% of the Great Lakes have any modern data collection,” said VanSumeren. “The only way we’re going to [expand] that is by getting out there and starting to use new technology, and existing partnerships to close the gap and get 4% to 10% and eventually 100%.”

The partnership between NMC and Michigan Tech will last at least two years.